Someone got the idea that the "late" gathering should meet Saturday at 10am. That means I was forced to drag myself out of bed at 7 am and hit the road about 7:30 to make it up from Lakewood. I made it with a minute to spare. When Wes finally found us (exactly where he'd said we were going to meet ;), we managed to get all the bikes together.
  Here's a picture of the entire group

Left to right. Bill Rupy, Tom, Ray Frank, Ian Frechette, Wes McNutt, and Brian Kumler.

And one of just our beloved bikes

Is that some kind of record for the most TDMs sitting next to each other in the US?

Wes and I wandered around Saturday and we stumbled upon this classic Triumph worthy of a picture.

Look at that. Not a speck of rust under all that oil. Looks like they've got a ready supply of replacement oil too.. on the plate they put on the ground below it. This bike has a square profile rear tire, current plates and a lot of personality.


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