Bluto 56"

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Mine came out at about 37 oz before I started adding nose weight.  I kept piling it
on, and it didn't start to balance until I had an additional 4-4.5oz of weight. 
What that means to anyone following my build instructions is use a little less fiber
tape near the TE and feel free to use a lot over the LE.    Running an extra layer of
bias cut tape over the LE would be a good idea anyway as this baby does
land pretty hot.      Anyway, I flew yesterday at 41oz and today at 41.5 messing
with the CG.   Others have built it at 38 and 40 oz.   (6/24/02 - There are reports
from two other people that they added 4.5 and 6 oz of nose weight to balance.  6oz building
it strong like mine, and 4.5 oz using the recommended taping scheme.   I don't feel
so bad now  My extra overall weight could easily be blaimed on the ballast tube and taping). 

I've got a 12 inch long ballast tube (about 11 usable, 5/8" inside diamter), so I can add
up to 20-22oz of ballast should I ever need to fly it in hurricane force winds.  ;)

I'll probably tape over the pushrod connectors to quiet them a bit, and put wipers
over the bottom elevon gap.

I'll have additional comments on this page as I fly it more.     So far all I can say is that
it's very fast, has lot of energy retention (to be expected at 41oz), and most of all
is unperturbed by turbulence. 

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