Motorcycle thoughts

From the book "The Perfect Vehicle"

"They can red-flag fear, call it out from its dark hiding place.  They let
us shadow-box with it, then give it the old cathartic heave-ho.  And they
give us another chance to remind ourselves it's all temporary and fragile.
This gift is perverse, yes, but true.  Knowing life can vanish in a blur
gives the most compelling reason to hang on tight.  Knowing we can hang on
tight gives us the prime reason to lean hard into the first turn we see. "

And here's another one:
Borrowed from a recent BMW commercial.
"Happiness is not just around the corner.
     the corner."

People who've never ridden a motorcycle are constantly telling
me how dangerous it is, and how crazy I am to do so.  There is,
no doubt an increased element of risk, but I look at it this way.  

Let's say I found out I only had six months to live and one of
the things I'd always wanted to do was ride a motorcycle, but had
always been too afraid to do so.   Obviously, I'd rush out and buy a
motorcycle and enjoy it as long as I could.  
So here's the question.
Why wait?
I refuse to live my life regretting to do the things that I
want to do, and which are currently within my means.

Many people spend much of their lives unhappy but working
toward a brighter future. 
"As soon as I can afford X or Y I'll be happy".
And then as they get older or approach the end of their
lives they realize that they missed the opportunities to do
the things that would have made them happy in the meantime.
And the worst part is that some of them never do achieve
X or Y.

New favorite quote.
"..A straight line is the most BORING distance between two points. "
-- source unknown