New 10/9/98 sent to me by Mariano Gru
Fokker to Cessna, and Fokker to P51 in flight.

New 5/27/98 - Something completely different

Both of these images were created while messing with ZOAR.. Jump to an object with Shift-O then enter ZOAR mode Ctrl-Z and move around.. When you exit ZOAR mode, the object will be placed at your current location indefinately. You can move ANY object this way.

New 5/10/98 - Fokker to Arrow

Here's one that someone else sent me.

The virt-cockpit from the backseat of the trainer.

Here's a view of the P-51 cockpit you don't normally see..

Maybe this is Santa's Stealth Sleigh

Talk about a good view of the runway

For some reason I don't think the yoke is supposed to do that.

This one you really gotta try.. Start in the Piper, switch to the Beaver and then watch what happens to the yoke as you fly, from the virt cockpit.
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