The Denver to San Francisco Road Trip

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I had volunteered to help Kurt move to the bay area. He had a very short time to make the
trip so the plan was to split the driving between us.

Tuesday, we wait for the movers to get all of Kurt's stuff packed up and into
the moving truck. We hit the road at 5:30pm and make a quick run over to Grand Junction

300 miles west of Denver, rolling in at 9:30 pm.

Up bright and early Wednesday morning.

Leaving Colorful Colorado a little after 6am
Time to leave I-70 and turn south onto SR 24

More of SR 24 north of Hanksville
With not another car on the road for dozens
of miles,
this is where I suggest to Kurt that he
stretch the GTI's legs a little

West from Hanksville into Capital Reef National Park on 24


Past Bryce National Park on SR 12

SR 21 looked like this for about 80 miles much to Kurt's amazement.
then up 89 to I-15 then off I-15 a few miles later
onto SR 21 to cut diagonally up to Highway 50.

Here's Barney checking out the scenery.


From there it's into Nevada and onto highway 50 "The Loneliest Road in America" where we set the cruise control at the century mark and let her rip for about 350 miles
I got to drive too .
Highway 50 looks a lot like 21 did, but was a bit smoother and was punctuated by several interesting mountain ranges and large elevation changes. Certainly a lot more interesting than the stretch of I-80 that crosses Nevada to the north.

We got into Reno about 6pm and decided to push on to SF on I-80 over the Sierras.
Decending into Sacramento the V-1 saved our butts once, just about the time that Kurt
was discovering what it feels like to gain back 30 long lost horsepower from the change
in elevation. I think Kurt needed a smoke after he had stepped on the throttle
a few times in 5th. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. YES!!! :-)

We crossed over the Bay Bridge and rolled on down to Cupertino at about
9 or 9:30 pm Colorado time. All told we covered 1100 miles in 15 hours Wednesday.

Thursday, Kurt drove me up see SF, which was covered in fog, was windy and cold as hell.
SF in fog

Bay bridge

More pics shortly.

How about the Trans America Pyramid in the meantime. The new corporate headquarters of the
company I work for, Kinetra, is in the building on the right, in that picture.

Oh, forgot to mention. I hopped on a plane at 5:30 PM Thursday and flew back to Denver over everything we'd driven in the previous two days in 1 hour and 57 minutes at 33,000 feet. :-)

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