One Lap of America (Colorado Springs)

So that's what the Sunrise looks like.
Manny had us meeting at an ungodly 6:30 AM in Denver. (My alarm is usually set for 8:30)
We scrounged together 6 cars (new Colorado record) and headed for Colorado Springs.
After a nasty incident on I-25 with a Gem Donut involving Kurt and Manny we arrived in the Springs
and picked up a Yellow Ginster (with yellow stitching), and a Silver Corrado and headed out to the
racetrack 20 miles south of town.

Here's the racecar and the "crew" cars.

Of course we had to walk around a bit and check out some of the other 100+ cars. This Diablo certainly caught the eye.

I can't walk by a Cobra without taking a picture of it. And this little white number is a Mitsubishi Lancer
with an Evolution V setup. This car was quite fast.

Hmmmm.... The funny thing is this guy had the speed to back it up. He was running in one of the top

Yes, that's a brand new supercharged Jaguar XK8. Don't let the lean angle
foll you. This car is FAST.

And here it is eating a Vette.

Ok, so enough of the boring cars, here's our little VR6 on a hot lap.

The nut behind the wheel was very smooth.

And here it's about to gobble up an American V8 making twice the horsepower and 3 times
the noise. Burp.

One lap later, the V8 has been dispatched. Setting its sights on a Honda Civic running nitrous.
Earlier in the day we got to hear the following on the radio.
"The Honda Civic has passed the blue 928 Porsche. This was one fast little car. Not fast enough
for the mighty VR6 though.

Giving the thumbs up on the cooldown lap. (Note the Honda and American Iron in the background :-)