Modifying a Hella projector shield for HIDs

The Hella projectors have a nice sharp horizontal cutoff suitable
for HID retrofits.   One concern that has been expressed is that the E-code housings
also throw light up and to the right, and the much brighter HIDs will cause that
splash of light to blind people in their mirrors as you overtake on the left.

Here is how to modify the shield in the Hella projector housing to eliminate or
modify the upward splash of light. 

(click on any image below for a larger version)

Hella projector shield (view from behind)
I've already drilled screw hole.
Thin K&S brass sheet. Available from hobby stores, and many hardware stores have a K&S hobby supply stand.
Shield cut out with tin snips.
A hole is drilled even with the hole in the shield and then I elongaged it with a small file so it can move up and down when attached.
Right side was just bent back around the shield.
This may vary depending on your particular projector shield assembly.
New shield attached to old one.
The top of the new shield is exactly even with the top of the old one.
See how it attaches here.
This is with the new shield rotated down. Note
the dip on the LEFT, is what causes the splash UP and to the RIGHT, because the lens at the front flips the image upside down and backwards.
This is what the light cutoff looks like with the old shield rotated to the orientation of the first photo.   This is for left hand drive cars.
This is with the new shield in place in the straight across configuration.
This is with the new shield attached, but rotated down on the left some. See how the cutoff starts up, then flattens out again. This is probably going to be my preferred orientation.
This is a piece of wood held in front of the shield.. Burning..
That's how hot it is inside the housing with only a 55 watt Halogen bulb at the focal point of the rear reflector.
Both new shields made and mounted.
Only took about 20 minutes to take the projector housings apart, make the shields and mount them.


Click here for some photos of the final results.

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