March-19 Autocross at Bandimere (Winter Series)

This was a lot of fun.  In fact, it was a lot more fun than last month's course.
It was faster running, and much more suited to the VR6, and to my car in particular.  There were
two big fast off camber turns where I could get full into the throttle and just ride the slide, lift the throttle
to rotate the car in some new direction and tromp on it again. 

So here are the pictures.  A couple cars are hilighted, some for no particular reason.  I just got more
pictures of them.

We'll get the ringer out of the way first.

53.333 seconds

58.097   Only 2 or 3 other real cars beat him today.

This thing was driven WELL below its potential, and you could see it badly.
But it sure looks cool.

Seth giving some last minute advice to Kristi at the starting line.

The front twisties

Working the ABS over.  In at 64.860+3.   Lots-o-fun.

The batmobile.  When he revs this beast up in the padocks, it sets off the
ricemobile car alarms.   Most fun car to listen to.   He blew a cone over at
the starting line with his exhaust.    They were going to ding him for that one
but he knocked over 2 or 3 more down the course.  

Styling, but slow.

Here's another couple notables

He had a kickass launch.   The only other one vehicle of note, which I didn't
get a picture of, was an old 80's vintage full sized Dodge truck.   66 pounds
of pressure in all the tires, a big 1 1/2 inch stock sway bar in front, and
Heavy Duty springs in back, and he had no appreciable roll at all.  Coincidentally
after two of his runs they found pieces of the track were ripped up, and they
had to move the course slightly.  (Between my 1st and 2nd, and 2nd and 3rd runs.)


My car on the grid.  

Wow.. Going by so fast they couldn't even get a picture of it.  ;)
Times: 66.394, 65.849 with an idiot mistake that cost me a second 
and a final and best of 64.678, to prove it.


Here's a link to the official times for the day.   I'm hiding in the ST class this time, although my PAX against the rookies
is a bit more fair considering this is my second Auto-X on pavement, ever.  All in all, I felt really good about
the day.  I don't think this car, can ever be the fastest in class, but it might be the most fun.   I spent more time
on three wheels today than I have in the last year.  I'm running with the stock front sway bar and a big ass
rear bar, which lets the car roll a bit more at the limit, but it really lets me put the traction down.  There were two 
off camber turns today where I had the car leaned over with the rear tire off the ground, full on the throttle and I was 
still getting traction on the inside front.   My tire pressures were perfect, and the tread showed it afterwards.
A tighter track and I'll be toast though.    

So, now the question is whether I want to get up at ungodly hours of the morning to drive to Nowhere, Colorado
to run the summer series.   I we'll see.

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